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Stephen Hadhazi
Texas Public Adjuster
License # 1388578
10311 Emnora
Houston, Texas 77043
Office: (713) 689-9177
Fax: (281) 596-7508


Stephen Dwight Hadhazi
Texas Public Adjuster

License # 1388578
10311 Emnora
Houston, TX 77043



Apply for Membership to Texas Public Insurance Adjusters Forum

Texas Public Insurance Adjusters Forum Membership Application

To become a member, you must first fill out the following membership application and be approved by the forum’s moderator. Please fill out the application form found below.

Keep the following key points in mind:

• You MUST be a licensed public insurance adjuster or an attorney that can prove that your practice is dedicated solely on the behalf of Texas consumers
• All of the application’s fields are REQUIRED
• Incomplete applications will be discarded
• All Texas Public Adjuster licensure information is verified through the Texas Department of Insurance before anyone will be granted membership to the Texas Public Insurance Adjusters Forum.

Our private online community consists of like-minded public insurance adjusters and attorneys committed to public service in Texas. If you do not meet our criteria, you need not apply.

Please exercise patience as we review your membership application and verify your Texas PA license status. We respect your privacy and will not share your membership application information with any third parties. We will contact you with your forum login credentials upon membership approval.
Thank you for applying, and we look forward to having you as a member of our forum.

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If you are an attorney or out of state Public Insurance Adjuster please list any professional references or other information that can be used in the consideration for the approval of your application.
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